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Pastoral Care

We pride ourselves on the quality of our pastoral care. At Northcote Lodge we pay as much attention to this side of their development as to the purely academic, for it is only if boys are happy that they will give of their best and achieve all that they are capable of. Our staff, chosen as much for their personal qualities as for their teaching ability, are responsible for helping boys evolve and grow up, offering gentle but firm guidance at all stages.


From Form 2, boys are allocated their own tutor who is responsible for each boys' welfare, both academic and social. For the remainder of a boy's career the tutor is the principal link between school and parents. All teaching is subject based, so that while every boy continues to have a form teacher his or her role is an administrative and housekeeping one. Boys meet their tutors at least once a week to discuss work and any problems, whether of an academic or personal nature.


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