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The English department at Northcote Lodge is a dynamic group of teachers who are enthusiastic and determined to get the best out of the boys at the school. The varied skills and range of experience of all of the teachers in the department enables the boys to progress in their learning and develop their skills. At Northcote, we believe in integrating traditional teaching methodologies with the incorporation of new and innovative technology. Our curriculum focuses on the development of grammar, spelling, punctuation, and on igniting creativity in writing and a love for reading. We place value on encouraging the development of creative and critical thinking skills through the range of activities, texts and collaboration that we incorporate into our lessons.




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At Northcote, the boys are exposed to both contemporary and classical texts. The variety of genres not only help the boys in their interpretation, analysis and enjoyment of these texts but also encourages a wider appreciation of people and cultures from across time. We always like to see the boys read classic novels which are age appropriate and these can be found under our reading list section. Our ethos, as a department and school, invokes a love for literature and reading for pleasure and we love to see boys spending time in our library or engrossed in a good book. Although some of the novels we study at school have already been made into films, we prefer to focus on the novel because of the depth of understanding that this offers.





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We believe that each boy has an endless supply of creativity that needs to be tapped into. Our role in the English department is to instil the confidence in each individual to bring that forward and to express it in his writing. The skills we teach them range from story writing to descriptive writing and we also incorporate the power of persuasion in writing. These skills not only provide a platform for wonderful stories but also enable abstract thinking to be harnessed. Writing skills are meant to open the doorway to self expression, individuality and confidence in their own ideas and opinions.





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Northcote Lodge is a school that has fully embraced the technological revolution of the 21st century and some of our lessons use such technology to help develop creativity and enhance the collaboration amongst the boys. We have successfully used iPads to teach figurative writing; developing adverts for persuasion; researching characters in novels and historical context. We continue to be innovative in incorporating new technologies into our lessons.



Competitions and Debates:


Harry Leeds giving his passionate view with William Webster and Tom Hettiaratchy

The English department holds a variety of competitions throughout the year. These include a public speaking competition, poetry reading and interschool debates with our sister school, Broomwood Hall. We continue to expand our portfolio in this regard by holding debates with other schools: through this we encourage confidence in public speaking and debate.


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