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Frequently Asked Questions

At what age can a boy come to Northcote Lodge? Most boys come at the age of 8, although we can also accept boys coming in to the school at higher levels subject to places being available.

And at what age do the boys leave? Our curriculum is a five-year one geared towards the Common Entrance 13+ exams.

Is there an entrance test? Boys who do not have priority entry from Broomwood Hall will be invited to attend an assessment morning on the first Saturday of January for entry the following September. All boys sit online tests in English and maths.  They also take part in some sporting activity and other collaborative tasks.

What curriculum does the school follow? A five-year one dictated by the requirements of public school Common Entrance and scholarship exams, as well as those of the National Curriculum.

Are you a feeder school for specific public schools? No, we send boys to all the major public schools. Inevitably certain schools are more in demand than others; we make it our business to establish good relationships with them and to be able to send them the kind of boys they are seeking.

What about London day schools? We send boys to one or two London day schools. Northcote Lodge will prepare boys for either boarding or day schools, and the headmaster will always be prepared to advise on which might be the more suitable choice for a particular boy.

Are boys streamed at each level? No, in the junior years the boys are in mixed ability classes. Further up the school they are put into sets for maths and languages.

Can you provide remedial teaching for (eg) dyslexic children? Yes, but Northcote Lodge is not the right school for boys with severe learning difficulties. We can offer help to children with mild learning difficulties via a peripatetic teacher.

Do you operate a catchment area principle? No. We accept boys from all areas of Central and SW London; the excellent road and public transport facilities make Northcote very easily accessible, and we have our own morning and evening minibus run to Fulham and Chelsea.

How is Northcote Lodge run? Northcote Lodge is privately owned. Although it is part of the same organisation as Broomwood Hall School, Northcote Lodge is run autonomously with its own headmaster, along the lines of a country preparatory school.

Do younger brothers have an automatic right to a place at Northcote Lodge? We have a strong sibling policy and will try to find a place for a younger sibling of a boy already attending the school, provided that the boy reaches the required academic standard during the assessment morning.

Can you accept boys from religions other than Christian? Yes - provided that parents are willing for their son to attend our church services and Assemblies, and to take part in prayers and other religious activities.


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